About US

  • We treat back pain, neck pain, sciatica, spasm and sprains of ligaments and various unexplained pain. 

  • We also treat anxiety and depression, sleep disorders, menopause syndrome, and fertility. 

  • We provide a modern approach based on classical Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory to make the healing properties of ancient medicine accessible to everyone.

  • Treatment may include Acupuncture, Herbs, Cupping, Remedial Massage, and Moxibustion 

  • We use disposable, single-use needles and pure plant extracts, assessed and approved for quality by Health Authorities to ensure patient safety.

  • All of our Practitioners are licensed, experienced and well trained in TCM.

     If you pursue a healthier life, we are here to help

Our TCM Practitioners
Mr. Xiaoming DAI 

Registered Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, and Herbal dispenser in AHPRA

CMR Reg. No. 0002174882

Member of AACMA

Xiaoming is the founder of and principal practitioner at Yuzhitang Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic, Xiaoming is a nationally registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist practicing in the Sutherland shire region in NSW Australia.

Xiaoming has particular interests in 

- Pain Management such as Headache, Migraine, Neck Pain, Lower back pain, Sciatica, prolapsed Disc and etc
- Insomnia
- Anxiety & Depression
- Weight loss
- Fatigue
- Quit Smoking
- Skin Disorder
- Sports Injury
- Prolapsed Disc
- Men Health such as Prostatitis- Impotence, etc

- Women health such as Infertility, Irregular periods, Period Pain, Menopause- etc

One of the outstanding features of Acupuncture is ‘PAIN’ relieving effect for the pain of almost any kind. Quite often instant relief can be achieved from just one or two sessions. And in particular, it is extremely effective for sports injuries and soft tissue conditions.

I have been asked on many occasions by my colleagues and patients the way towards a successful career. It is really nothing but the acupuncture style and continuous professional development that has made my practice always busy. And I like to share my philosophy and experiences with other health practitioners as I know how much benefits they will get if they can apply the proper techniques to their practices.”